A Family of Pros

The two guys who founded this company, Chris Wood and Kelly Pletcher, over 20 years ago still own and run it on a daily basis. Pro Fleet Transport is a family place all the way. Pro Fleet invites employees to utilize our resources to support community events. Not to mention, our support of charitable and veterans related issues in our area and all over the country. We regularly attend major family oriented events like county fairs, race tracks, ballparks and major local concerts to find the right people to join us.

Past, Present & Future

With more than 20-year history of safely delivering on time and on a budget, Pro Fleet Transport has been, is, and will always be a family of professional, flatbed truck drivers. Our partners, Chris Wood, and Kelly Pletcher started driving together, saw the opportunity to develop something better as owners and drivers and formed Pro Fleet as a home for the best in the trucking business anywhere in North America.

We utilize the finest equipment on the road and hire the best talent in the business. By doing so, Pro Fleet is poised for strong growth in the 21st century. If you’re up for the challenge or want to enjoy the benefits of our service, join us.

Community & Charitable Activities

Pro Fleet is an enthusiastically engaged, full fledged member of our community home base of Elkhart, Indiana and a committed American company serving those who so honorably serve us in the military around the world. It is not uncommon to see Pro Fleet flatbed trucks and drivers carrying military equipment or items destined to support our troops at home in the form of delivered Christmas trees and other items for the families and service personnel who give up so much for us. We love making our company, professional drivers and professionalism available to help others.